Work for Us – Get a Recruitment Job

In our recruitment job we are searching every day on behalf of our clients for top talents, who can influence their business significantly. However, finding the best in the financial industry is  possible only if we have the smartest and most passionate employees on board. Our aspiration is to become the leading financial service recruitment company in Europe and to change the rules of the game through innovation, globalization and process optimization. We do not care much about your degree, we believe your success depends more on your talent, personality, and motivation. So if you are interested in a life-changing career, get in touch with us today for a recruitment job!

What we offer
White Horse International works only with clients and candidates based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and UK. We provide executive search and recruitment solutions for banks, asset manager and insurance companies in Western Europe. English is our company language. Nevertheless, practicing other European languages like German and French is part of the daily business of a recruitment job.
Despite common knowledge, the financial service industries we engage with has hardly anything in common with the banking clerk at your local bank next door. The professionals and executives we recruit are highly specialized and enjoyed extensive secondary education, holding MBA and PhD degrees. They have high expectations and only want to work with the best. That is why we make sure that we are hiring top talent being able to communicate on the same level with our clients and candidates and to gain industry specific knowledge quickly.
Although the main communication tools are telephone and the Internet, this is not a dull BPO call center job. Working as a headhunter gives you the power to influence other people’s life and career decisions. Although our primary focus lies on filling the vacancies of our clients, we need to show integrity and honesty to all parties at all time. That is the only way to develop sustainable relationships in this industry. However, doing a recruitment job involves dealing with human beings, their motives and emotions, personal and professional situation.
We continuously support ongoing learning and professional development through in-house classroom and external trainings, coaching, and mentoring. Moreover, we have implemented a clear career plan reaching from Research Associate, to Research Analyst, Senior Analyst, and Project Manager. Besides advancing into a leadership position, our employees can change between functional areas – e.g. going into Sales, Marketing, and internal HR, or become Practice Expert.
At White Horse International we create a collaborative environment for activating everybody’s strength to reach common organisational goals. We want to achieve excellence and become the leading financial service recruitment company in Europe. If you are passionate about your recruitment job and able to push ahead, we will acknowledge your contribution accordingly. Every employee has a stake in the future we are building and we give exceptional rewards for exceptional results.