Risk Management Jobs

The market for risk management jobs increased substantially in the last years and offered many risk managers a fast career development. Due to high looses during the financial crisis and regulatory requirements like Basel III / Solvency II, banks and insurance companies tried to improve their risk management processes. When it comes to risk management jobs, we mainly offer jobs and search for candidates in the fields of Market Risk, Credit Risk, Counterparty Risk, Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk:
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Risk Management Jobs
Market Risk
Market risk managers are responsible for Value-at-Risk measurement and its implications. The risk management job comprises of managing interest rate risk, currency risk, and equity risk. Risk models like Markowitz and diversification, Linear regression model, Regression multi-factor model, Correlation model, variance-covariance matrix, APT model are applied. Moreover, simulation and stress testing will be conducted by the risk manager.
Credit and Counterparty Risk
Credit risk managers calculate certain indicators like default probability, credit exposure, recovery rate for assessing the risk of credit portfolios. The risk will be measured through internal and external ratings, credit scoring, or fundamental credit analysis.
Liquidity Risk
Liquidity risk management jobs comprise of the analysis and management of market liquidity & funding liquidity. Liquidity risk is measured by liquidity gap and liquidity risk elasticity. Asset liquidity is measured by bid-offer spread, market depth, immediacy, and resilience.
Operational Risk
Operational risk management jobs include the development of an appropriate risk management environment according to Basel II through risk identification (internal & external fraud, employment & business practices, physical damage, system failures etc.), risk assessment (self- or risk assessment, risk mapping, risk indicators), risk monitoring and regulatory reporting, and mitigation/control (implementation of policies, processes and procedures). Another area connected to this risk management job is the calculation of regulatory capital.


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