Securities Trading Jobs

Securities trading jobs enjoy high interest of banking professionals. Unfortunately, Investment Banks tend to employ less traders. Big asset management companies started their own execution desks. Due to regulatory constraints, Hedge Funds and Investment Banks shifted their property trading desks to less regulated destinations.
However, serving global banks, hedge funds, and traditional asset management companies, our headhunters offer trading jobs dealing with following capital market products:
Trading Jobs
Securities Trading Jobs
Foreign exchange (FX)
FX trading jobs comprises of buying and selling Spot FX, forwarding FX, FX swaps, FX options, exotic FX derivatives,e.g., digitals, barriers, baskets, knock-ins, knock-outs.
Flow rates
Short-term interest rate and money market, benchmark bonds, covered bonds, derivatives
Structured rates
Structured interest-rate swaps, correlation swaps, ow-inflation swaps, long-dated and structured FX, interest-rate hybrids
Flow credit
Credit trading jobs include buying and selling of corporate bonds, High-Yield credits, credit-default swaps (CDS)
Structured credit
Credit-linked notes (CLN), corporate-bond futures and options, asset-backed securities (ABS), commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities (CMBS/RMBS), car loans, syndicated loans,Cash-collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), synthetic collaterized debt obligations, baskets, tranche options, index tranches, correlation transactions
Trading of commodity derivatives and swaps of structured products, trading of structured commodity derivatives, structuring of complex hedges
Cash equities
Full-service brokerage/secondary trading of single stocks, direct market access, portfolio trading
Equity derivatives
Equity derivatives trading jobs involve dealing with Delta 1 swaps, Delta 1 certificates, warrants, Structured swaps/options, certificates, hybrid derivatives, convertibles.


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