Investment Research Jobs

For sell-side research departments of investment banks or brokers, for buy-side research teams of asset management companies, private banks, rating agencies or other independent research providers, we recruit professionals with experience in investment research jobs. Their main task is to conduct analyses and forecasts developments on an asset class, country, sector or economy.
The majority of all research jobs we search candidates for can be categorized as following:

Investment Research Jobs
Research Jobs
Foreign exchange (FX) Research
In the job as FX Research Analyst or FX Strategist you deliver forecasts, trade ideas and strategies for major currencies (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD), Asian currencies (CNY, THB, SGD, KRW, INR, PHP, IDR, TWD, MYR & HKD) or Latin American currencies (ARS, BRL, CLP, COP, MXN, PEN). Developed strategies are based on fundamental or technical indicators or oeconometric models.
Fixed Income Research
At a fixed income research job, analysts evaluate covered bonds, sovereigns & supranationals, corporate and financial-sector credits as well as structured finance transactions. Via fundamental analysis of individual issuers and sectors, fixed income research analysts try to assess risk and reveal trade ideas. During the credit and sovereign crisis many asset management companies, banks but also rating agencies created research jobs with fixed income focus.
Commodity Research
Commodity research delivers insights into energy, commodities, gold & precious metals, natural resource prices and market developments. Most commodity research jobs exist with investment banks in London or commodity and energy trading houses in Switzerland.
Equity Research
An equity analyst evaluates companies listed on the stock exchange or in the pre-IPO stage by using range of valuation approaches (including multiples, cash yields and intrinsic measures). Equity Research departments are often divided by geographies or sectors. Equity research plays still an important part at investment banks and asset management companies, although many analyst jobs got cut during the financial crisis.
Economic Research
Economists or macro analysts, who have a job in an economic research department, try to understand economic indicators (such as GDP, unemployment rates, price indices) as well as macroeconomic policy (Monetary and Fiscal) and its impact on financial markets. Most economic research jobs exist at national banks and bigger financial institutions.
Real Estate Research
Real estate analysts conduct research of the situation in the construction sector and study the residential and commercial property market. Not every bank can afford a real estate research team. Most real estate analyst jobs exist with specialized real estate advisory and management firms.
Quantitative Research
Quants or quantitative analysts develop, test and enhance trading and investment strategies using statistical methods. In a quantitative job, modelling skills in VBA, Matlab, or SAS are frequently needed. As a whole, this type of investment research jobs are very hard to fill in for skilled workers experienced with physics, mathematics, or business engineering are very rare these days.