Portfolio Management Jobs

For experienced portfolio managers with track record in managing institutional portfolios, mutual funds, or fund-of-funds, we offer portfolio management jobs at asset management firms, insurance companies, pension funds, private banks, hedge funds, wealth management boutiques, and investment consultancies.
Depending on the client requirements, we also search for analysts from buy-or sell-side, quants, risk managers, or traders, who want to get portfolio management jobs.
Moreover, we are able to offer banks and hedge funds access to candidates with proprietary investment strategies and solid track record.
Regardless of the investment approach (qualitative or quantitative), we have a network to investment professionals and recruiting candidates for the following portfolio management job types:
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Portfolio Management Jobs
The equity portfolio manager can focus on Small & Mid-Caps or Blue-Chip Equities. The selection of the portfolio manager job depends on the style like growth stocks, value-investing, or stocks with regional focus like Global Equities, European Equities, European Country Equities, North America Equities, Thematic Equities, Latin America Equities, Emerging Market Countries Equities, Emerging Market Equities, and Asia Pacific Equities. Most portfolio manager jobs exist at asset management firms, private banks, and hedge funds. Pension funds and smaller insurance companies tend to focus on the selection of external portfolio managers.
Fixed Income
The funds of fixed income portfolio manager can be divided by the maturity like long- or short-term of the fixed income securities and also by geographical focus like Global Bonds, European Bonds, Emerging Market Bonds, Asian Bonds, and depending on the originator like Corporate Bonds, High Yield Bonds, Convertible Bonds. During the financial crisis many investors shifted their assets into fixed income funds, so that many new fixed income portfolio management jobs were created.
Commodity fund managers invest in derivatives or equities related to energy, commodities, gold & precious metals, as well as natural resources. For increased poverty and faim, the public audience in Germany, for instance, blamed hedge funds and investment banks for speculating with agricultural commodities. Some asset managers and banks abolished commodity funds and ETFs due to these complaints. The market for commodity portfolio management jobs dominates in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Mixed Assets
A multi-asset portfolio manager might be obliged to different investment philosophies like aggressive, conservative, or flexible. Especially during the crisis, absolute return/ total return products, or asset allocation strategies, and balanced funds were on demand. In the recent past, a lot research from quantitative analysts influenced the development of multi-asset strategies. However, especially at small insurance companies, pension funds, or private banks, the focus of multi-asset portfolio manager jobs is to select other fund managers for indirect investments.
Real Estate Fund Managers invest either via open-end or closed-end funds into Global Physical or European Physical Properties like Commercial Real Estate (hotels, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, office buildings, industrial property, warehouses, garages, distribution centers,and hospitals), Residential Real Estate (single-family housing, or multi-family residential), or in stock-listed real estate companies ( REITs) depending on the focus like European Equity, Global Equity, North American Equity, Asian Equity. Real estate asset managers with open-end funds struggled during the crisis when investors cashed in their assets and funds became illiquid. However, the market for real estate portfolio management jobs is in a better condition right now.
Alternative Investments
Alternative investments can comprise of pretty much any underlying like Commodities, Credit, Currency, and Emerging Market Equity. Very often a less traditional investment strategy like Event Driven, Fund of Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds, Global Macro, Long/Short Equity, Managed Futures, Market Neutral, Multi Strategy, Volatility Trading is implemented by the portfolio manager. Due to increased regulations most alternative investment portfolio management jobs are in Switzerland and UK.