Financial Careers For Professionals

Our core business activities is the search and recruitment of professionals and helping them to advance their financial careers. Most banks, asset management and insurance companies we are working for, faced issues with finding the right candidates at mid- to senior level and normally required strong specialist knowledge.

Although the financial service industry seems to be small from time to time, so why did they hire us as headhunter?
Sometimes our clients have already received many applicants, but they have not had the right skills or personality, or the client requirements were vague, so that the decision making process did not come to an end.
By asking us as financial service headhunter for support, clients can improve their hiring decisions because they have more options to choose from. They get a very good market overview about the movers and shakers and their competition. Recruitment is very often a learning process, where hiring managers learn something about the job market and whether their expectations are realistic and can be met, or whether they need to be more flexible on the requirements after interviewing some candidates who did not fit.
The same happens very often on the candidate side as well. Professionals have normally a concrete idea of their financial careers, however, sometimes they need to adjust to the job market reality. Many professionals are working hard on their financial careers by attending postgraduate studies like MSc. or PhD. Today getting the charter of a CFA, FRM, CIIA programs is very common.
Nevertheless, most banks, insurance and asset management companies still rely on traditional recruitment methods like job advertising to find candidates. For finding also passive looking professionals and choosing the right ones, they assign us as a headhunter to perform proactive search and selection.
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