Challenging Executive Jobs

During the crisis, when mergers and cost optimization became a priority in the financial service industry, the amount of executive jobs decreased. Executives lost their jobs first, as they were seen by many banks as a cost driver due to high base salaries and bonuses.

The market of executive jobs is and was quite illiquid since then as many professionals look for a leadership position and downsizing the headcount in general and decreasing hierarchy levels did not open lot of new career opportunities.
However, executive jobs are very critical to an organization, the need of finding the right one for a particular job is even more important. Our financial service headhunters hold a high level of experience and industry knowledge for conducting an executive search project successfully.
Some of the executive jobs we were asked to find candidates for were: Chief Risk Officer, Head of Financial Engineering, Head of Risk & Asset Management, Head of Investment Reporting, Team Leader – Credit Risk, Co-Head of Institutional Sales, etc.
In comparison to other recruitment strategies, the executive search is a very structured process and contains, for instance, the creation of a target list of companies as a basis for identification of suitable executives for a job. Moreover, our headhunters start proactively approaching potential candidates via phone at work using a cover story to pass gatekeepers.
After gaining interest and conducting pre-screening telephone interviews, our project managers meet all candidates in person e.g. in Frankfurt am Main, Zurich, or London, or via video-conference session, as the main part of the selection process is in our hands. Depending on the situation, we conduct reference checks, personality tests, or skill-assessments for improving the outcome of this executive search project. A final shortlist will be presented with a detailed profile containing all test results and our recommendation afterwards to our financial service clients.

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