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The market of insurance jobs was not hit as hard as the banking sector by the financial crisis. Although life and non-life insurance companies are heavily involved in capital markets by investing in securities, they have a higher risk adversity and need to oblige to more regulatory requirements, so that losses could be controlled.

In the meanwhile, the industry has managed to go through a recovery phase with improving capitalization levels and profits, which is great for the market of insurance jobs.
However, the main challenges like creating value in an environment with lower interest rates and stricter regulations like Solvency II remain. Moreover, life-insurers have to avoid large non-managed risks on the one hand and engage into emerging markets and profitable segments for achieving growth on the other.
Non-life insurers need to optimize their pricing, underwriting, claims, and costs, for which skilled labor is needed.
This opens up many opportunities on the market of insurance jobs, especially to actuaries and other specialists with experience in pricing, underwriting, and claims.
The main area we recruit candidates and offer insurance jobs for are Risk Management, Finance and Investment Management in the field of General Insurance, Health and Care, Life insurance, Pensions and Non-Life Insurance (Property and Casualty Insurance).
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