Global Asset Management Jobs

The financial crisis after 2008 affected not only banking jobs, but asset management jobs also became less. Globally, the assets under management decreased and just started to rebound in 2010 reaching the same levels of those in 2007. Unfortunately, this was mainly caused by increased market prices of held securities and hardly by investor confidence or positive inflows of new money.

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Mainly institutional investors like pension funds and insurance companies necessarily generate some positive inflow of net-assets. Most private investors avoided mutual funds and looked for alternatives. In some South-European countries banks encouraged investors to switch assets from funds into saving accounts to help improving their own balance sheets.
The crisis also affected the asset management job market. In contrast to the banking industry, mass layoffs were rare in Europe. Most asset management jobs being vacant in the last years were replacements. Only asset managers with a solid business model were able to expand and to create asset management jobs for portfolio managers, research analysts, relationship managers or marketing managers. Traditionally, asset management jobs were open not only for experienced professionals, but also for graduates. The changing regulatory landscape like UCITS IV offers asset management job opportunities as well. Sales Teams need to be able to respond to highly customized RfPs of Institutionals. Beta and indexed products are gaining market share in the retail segment.
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